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We are a research fellowship with more than 12-yeard experience in development and manufacturing graphene based materials for scientific as well as for industrial applications. Take a look at our products and feel free to contact us for more info or an order.

Material of the Future

Graphene and graphene derivatives are considered as materials of the future. Their properties such as lightness, thinness, strength, conductivity, flexibility etc. predetermine graphene and its derivatives for wide range of scientific, industrial, medical and other applications.

Sustainable Materials

Graphene derivatives represent one of pillars for sustainable development goals. Its usage in fields like advanced electronics, energy storage, or water treatment. We are ready to contribute to this future.

Custom Production

As a company with many years of experience in development and manufacturing of graphene derivatives, we are ready to satisfy your needs and unique requests. Contact us for more information.

Fast Shipping

All of our products are stock in sufficient quantities so we can respond quickly to your requests. All the orders are handled and shipped immediately by the fastest courier service.


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